16 Apr 2017

Medical Cannabis Scam Alert: Nimbin University Cannabis Community at Mt Burrell

“Nimbin University” - a community cannabis research and medical treatment campus at Mt Burrell was launched at Nimbin Bush Theater at a Medican Workshop on Saturday, 15th April. Charmaster Dolph Cooke appeared on stage spruiking the ambitious new project and offering miracle cannabis cures to 10,000 proposed members of Nimbin University's Cannabis Community.

It costs only $1 to bite the little hook.
Buyer be warned! Scam alert!
Dolph Cooke - Founder of "Nimbin University"
Warm endorsement by Nimbin Hemp Embassy, the Medican workshop and a glowing feature in the Nimbin GoodTimes lend a thin veneer of authenticity to "Nimbin University Cannabis Community", accessing a big network with a $1 hook.
Dolph is confident that changes in drug laws are imminent. He boasts that his "uni" will soon be flying high on windfalls of cash expected from a market boom in medical cannabis. “It’s not legal yet.” Dolph admits, “But we don’t care, we’re doing it anyway!”
Mark Darwin and Cas Coman
Buyer Beware! The sick and vulnerable who are eager to receive forbidden weed for only $1 should note that the contact address for "Nimbin University" is 3222 Kyogle Rd, Mt Burrell, NSW — notorious home of the Bhula-Bhula land scam. The ongoing land-share fraud is headed by Mark Darwin, who, flaunting the motto, “do no harm”, is currently confronted by legal action by angry, defrauded investors.


Nimbin University - The Hidden Agenda
What Dolph did not say in his launch of "Nimbin University" is that pulling strings in the background are the unseen scam-masters of chameleon disguise; "sovereign citizens", followers of marketeer Mark Darwin who uses the pseudonym "Dummass Boofhead" and loan shark Adrian Brennock, known as "AB". Co-creators of the Bhula-Bhula fiasco, they're always found luring financiers with a “worthy” ideology linked to a pioneering business with a profitable data-base.
You’ve got to give credit where it’s due, masters of misleading marketing, Mark Darwin and the Boyz certainly have audacity and imagination! No longer satisfied with acquiring million-dollar properties by selling residential lots on land without development approval, the Boyz have now expanded their Mt Burrell scam to include mass-marketing medicinal cannabis to sick and vulnerable people. The illicit medicinal herb is falsely advertised as licensed industrial hemp, and with sleight of hand Dolph's "Cannabis Community" links directly to the land fraud.Dolph Cooke

The new pop-up-frontman for the fraud, Dolph Cooke, is a local producer of biochar who grows a small hemp crop on the property neighboring Bhula-Bhula. Handing out flyers and signing up subscribers, Dolph began his presentation at Nimbin Bush Theatre by stressing his opinion, “There is no good and evil; no right and wrong”.
Dolph hopped in the cot with the bad boyz and says the land-scam’s “all good”, as he happily profits from it. Referring to time he spent institutionalized, he said, “I don’t have feelings like the rest of you.” He has no empathy for those defrauded by his new patrons.

Dolph is calling for 10,000 people to join Nimbin University. It costs only $1 to bite the little hook, and the vision is ever expanding. Dolph says :
"Included in all this activity should, obviously, be a teaching facility where aspiring healers can come to learn their trade, and go back into their communities doing the remarkable work knowledge of this plant’s powerful healing actions allows. Thus a spin off from all the fibre being produced from hemp could be a hemp paper mill and clothing factory, with several more people required to have that aspect running smoothly. And if we have our own paper being made, and resident practitioners and intellectuals, we might as well establish our own on-topic newspaper. And if we’re going to do a paper, we might as well have a media studio. And if we’re going to have a media studio, we might as well run some form of radio/tv station."

Nimbin University websites nimbinuniversity.com and nimbinuniversity.org point to organicmedicalcannabisaustralia.org, where Dolph has awarded himself a certificate from the "Cannabis Community University" for "life membership to the Cannabis Private Community With all member privileges awarded for his contribution level".

Bhula-Bhula Community Scam

Mark Darwin, Stephanie Humble
In 2014, when the Boyz started draining other people's wallets to build an "intentional community" without development approval, the first attractive facade that occulted the fraud was “harmonious, happy families”, promoted by beautiful Stephanie, mothering four of Darwin’s cute kids (he has eight children). Steph was running “Create A Foundation”, providing aid to sex slaves overseas. The Mt Burrell land-scam was also obscured by an alternative reality of falsehoods in the name of “Truthology” and “Freedom Summits” with conferences and presentations in major cities.

In less than a year the Boyz had scammed investors in the Bhula-Bhula Community of over $1.5 million and the fraud was exposed in local newspapers. Tweed Council was suing the Boyz to remove illegal dwellings from protected land, repair damage and recoup unpaid rates; defrauded investors were litigating and a federal police fraud investigation was underway. So in response the Boyz went cruising in Bali and when they returned they bought the “Township of Mt Burrell”.

Mt Warning Eco Village Scam
After Mark Darwin's land scam was exposed, the "Truthology" marketing mirage disappeared with a “poooff”, and an entirely new front appeared. Unseen behind the curtain, the bully Boyz quietly acquired another big fat database to bleed dry, as they warned opponents they would be “washed like flies from the windows of their lives”.

The 2016 pop-up-front for the Mt Burrell land-scam was “Mt Warning Eco Village”, marketing Darwin's vision for "harmonious community" and offering renewed sale of lots for dream-homes with mountain views through Rainmaker Eco Investments.

The new pretty-face to rattle the cash-can was celebrity health coach Tyler Tolman, promoting a vision for an exotic health-spa on Nightcap Forest, a 3,000-acre property neighboring Bhula-Bhula owned by Peter Von Lieshaupt.

Mt Warning Eco Village Website - mountwarningecovillage.com.au

A "Cannabis Community" at Mt Burrell
Launching their new scam, "Nimbin University" at the Medican Workshop at Nimbin Bush Theater, Charmaster Dolph presented testimonies of people amazingly healed of terminal cancer using just two little bottles of cannabis oil and balm, made from his own crop.

His audience is told that during Stage 1 we can get access to the miracle cure and the forbidden weed for an (initial) membership in the “Community Cannabis University” of only $1. Dolph says 80 people are already signed up. In Stage 2, the new venture at Mt Burrell gets even better... stay tuned!

It costs only $1 to bite the little hook...

Pitching for funds at organicmedicalcannabisaustralia.org, Dolph says:

"...the database will provide a good start to crowd source the funding for many of the goals for the project. By crowd funding we can offer different packages to different levels of financial support. For instance a ten dollar donation to the foundation/co-op might further entitle a member to a copy of the annual magazine or a subscription to a podcast and some bumper stickers.

"But a ten thousand dollar donation would be right to expect a rather larger appreciation package in return. From a donation perspective much money could be reinvested into ongoing research, infrastructure and providing compassionate healing for those in dire need."

The hidden capos behind "Nimbin University" and it's miracle-cure "Cannabis Community" did not attend the grand launch at the Nimbin Medican Workshop, as Charmaster Dolph promoted their ambitious scam to an applauding audience.

The Mt Burrell Boyz, rich in imaginative irony, say they are "sovereign citizens" who reject the rule of law and operate with assumed legal impunity "in private not public commerce". In reality they fly by bluster, bullying and the Law of the Brute, and being seriously dummass, they're often seen trying to get out of a hole by digging a bigger one.
3222 Kyogle Rd, Mt Burrell, NSW

Catch the glorious vision! Heal the masses, join a Cannabis Community with a pioneering academic campus growing weed on 3,200 acres, but be warned: "Nimbin University", to be developed lawlessly at a “secret location”, is using the street address of Mark Darwin's infamous property scam - 3222 Kyogle Rd, Mt Burrell.
At first, Charmaster Dolph denied his ties with Mark Darwin. He said the "uni" was his own initiative and the Bully-Bully-Boyz were trying to "take over his land and hemp crop". He now says they they gave him a shop at Mt Burrell, and promised to pay him $500 a week to set up the "Cannabis Community University". But after one payment he got no more money from them.

10,000 people are now offered a unique opportunity to join Dolph and heal the sick, just by registering personal details in the growing data-base of "Nimbin University Cannabis Community".

It only costs $1 to bite the apple...