25 Oct 2017

Athena Blinked


By Gi Linda.

Athena, classical goddess of justice, is always depicted blindfold as a symbol of impartiality, but in a post-humane world what happens when the blindfold is removed and Athena blinks?

“Maggot!” Sitting before the bench in Murwillumbah Courthouse waiting for the Judge to enter I hear someone shout “Maggot! Fuck you maggot!”

Behind me is Adrian Brennock with Mark Darwin and Richard Moate. I have charged them with fraud in a private prosecution. On my left is their lawyer, Ian McKay.

I had filed the criminal charges after being defrauded of my inheritance by Brennock and the “Bully-Bully Boyz”, hoping for restitution, but the sword of injustice is double edged.

With the trial approaching in September, other defrauded investors wanted to join my prosecution with the same charges of fraud. We began consultation with a NSW private prosecutor and former Crown Prosecutor, who asked for anonymity because of his former collaboration with Brennock and the Boyz. I was advised to request adjournment of the hearing so that all claimants could be consolidated and additional charges of collusion added.

Unfortunately, the private prosecutor was unavailable for a personal meeting until October 17 when it was proposed that he would prosecute the charges on behalf of the Association of Defrauded Investors. He instructed a Sydney solicitor to email the court requesting adjournment.

The private prosecutor agreed to put together a team including a forensic accountant, private investigator, solicitor and paralegal, but he required the total estimated amount of the prosecution to be paid in advance before proceeding.

By then it was too late to file for adjournment in accordance with the practice notes. My application was immediately rejected by Brennock & co, who were waiting for me at the courthouse, confident that the charges dismissed for procedural breach.

When I arrived for
the hearing on October 24, the Bully-Bully gang were crowded around the registry door, laughing and scoffing with delight in anticipation of my defeat. Adrian Brennock, in mock decorum greeted me loudly. I commented that the worst mistake of my entire life was trusting him. He growled, “Its going to get a lot worse for you, and we’re really enjoying it…”

I have been sleepless preparing evidence and I’ve been waiting for the hearing for five hours with Brennock and the Bully-Bully Boyz lurking outside the claustrophobic courtroom, cackling like a coven of hyenas. The Judge enters, everyone respectfully stands as I feel the piercing of long venomous knives in my back.  

My consciousness is momentarily hijacked by repugnant images of massive maggots with the face of Adrian Brennock filling the courthouse, slithering everywhere, coming to devour me. Brennock’s voice behind me is rasping with contempt, “Maggot! Fuck you Maggot...” he hissed at my back.

As expected, the Magistrate rejected the application for adjournment, summarily dismissed all charges and awarded compensation against me, which I declined to accept.

The heckling gang were waiting outside the courthouse to jeer with triumph. A police officer kindly opened a side door so I could leave without harassment. As he escorted me out he handed me some papers that Brennock & co had asked him to give me. They were the documents supporting my application to adjourn that I had passed directly to the Judge at the start of the hearing. One wonders how Brennock got them?

In response, the Association of Defrauded Investors is preparing to file fraud and larceny charges with multiple claimants using the professional services of a forensic accountant and private investigator. A criminal fraud investigation initiated by Qld police a year ago is expected to be completed by December. 

Defamation charges and injurious falsehood claims against me as a result of this blog exposing the Darwin/Brennock land-share scams are ongoing.

The Association of Defrauded Investors is also preparing to initiate civil charges to recover the land that we paid for. The 640 acre property, owned by the company controlled by Brennock with a single $1 share, was improperly placed in Voluntary Administration by Brennock in June, in an attempted "phoenix move" to transfer our land to another company controlled by Darwin/Brennock while they burn the purchase money creditors under cover of fake promises of partial return of funds to all defrauded investors. 

Darwin/Brennock/Dixon intend to acquire our land for $1 million over market value using loans and a mortgage over the supposedly insolvent company, designated as "vendor finance".

To cover the cost of professional assistance in our quest for justice we have set up a legal fund. Many thanks to those who have already pledged support, we deeply appreciate your help.

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Truth will prevail!
Justice will prevail!

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