1 Oct 2017

Bhula Bhula Community Disaster

By Melissa Hirsch - A Defrauded Investor -

My experience of the Bhula Bhula Community disaster:

I bought into Bhula Bhula (BB) in March 2015, fourteen weeks before the land was purchased. I was both excited and concerned… in retrospect I can see how naive and trusting I was.

As a single, middle-aged woman I was excited at the possibility of living in a community of like-minded people. It would be a combination of a social, support and information network with kids, families, intelligent conversation, a brain-trust… people who knew more or differently from me.

My concern was the gap between what was on paper and what was alluded to and ‘emphasised’ by the front men (the boyz).

So many of the 'stories' that were sold to us never eventuated… the community centre, the equality, transparency and honesty… even the contracts on paper that were constantly a ‘known’ within the community were not honoured.

One of the most important processes that was not actioned was the "Incorporated Association" through which investors would jointly own and control the land. The Association should have been the sole share holder in the company that owned the land. 

Instead, Adrian Brennock made himself the sole share holder, never registering the Association or those that paid for the land, though I do have emails from Mark Darwin informing us the "Association" was registered, and all the rest of the 'stories' about how we would become members before the land was purchased, etc, etc…

No matter how many times we asked, requested, demanded, nothing changed!

Emails, YouTube clips and conversations were full of contradictions and manipulations of the truth to cover their arses, but these were also purposeful, conscious manipulations to 'sell'. At first we thought the contradictions and changing ‘facts’ were mistakes, but its clear now how deliberate these were.

Whenever anyone asked questions, or asked to see the financial accounts they were ignored, then eventually verbally bullied and abused in person or through emails. The boyz send the most delightfully spiteful anonymous emails,
full of venom and personal attacks. Their most recent pseudonym is "Dummass Boofhead"  or "FYJ Boofhead" (thats FYJ for "F*k You Jimmy" -- a phrase that amuses them no end).

There are at least 5 families who have lost their entire life savings to these people and many individuals have lost huge chunks of their earnings, over $1.5 million, all taken from those who earned and saved then purchased the land.
Here are some of the games these boyz have played: they have gone from one tax avoidance scheme to another, changing companies, foundation names and fronts, burning many people/companies/foundations/businesses. All because they can, because they exploit legal loopholes and betray the trust of honest, decent people.
Their next project is another Eco Village at Mt Burrell. Apparently they are sucking in more people and manipulating the truth and those in authority. If you think those of us included in this blog are just bitter, twisted losers, then talk to some Mt Burrell locals and hear them out… that way you can save your arses, your money and count your blessings that there are some moral and ethical people out there, willing to take a stand.

I recommend watching the YouTube clips….RECREATING THE VILLAGE #1 &#2…..so much of what is said is NOT TRUTH… those TRUTHOLOGY boyz… tut, tut!

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