18 Aug 2017

Mountains of WARNING!

Mark Darwin, co-founder Bhula Bhula
Beware of Mt Warning Eco Village
By BubbleBurst.

Hi there,

I am one of the defrauded investors and unfortunately I know the situation too well. My WARNING is beware of Mt (mountains of) Warning Eco Village. 

This is my opinion of the situation.....the men behind BHULA BHULA & now Mt WARNING (!!!) Eco village are professionals (but not the kind of professionals that I would recommend)....& this is what they do for both a living & fun. 

They target a demographic, look at what makes them tick & sell them a dream based on their ideals.....purely to rip them off....it is not an honest business transaction....though they sell it under this guise. 
Darwin & Brennock play this game so much & have mastered it to the point that they now believe they are above the law. 

They use front men who put their arses on the line so legally Darwin & Brennock don't lose. 

While many criticize us who fell into the claws of these deceptive stories, I would point out that some of us actually have never  before experienced such screwed up psychopaths and we actually trust people! 

Darwin & Brennock used a respected community law company.....as a cover. Now this Lawyer has been left in a quandary as the company is subjected to unexpected & unappreciated fallout. 

Many normal, decent people have been left penniless because of these men....but this is not a problem for them, as they aim to continue their 'sales' to a new set of unexpecting victims....

It's a game of cat and mouse, bait and switch & ponzi til you drop....

So the WARNING is....tell your friends & run...