12 Jul 2017

Health Celeb Tyler Tolman Spruiks Mount Warning Ecovillage Scam

By Gi Linda.

American celebrity Don Tolman’s son, Tyler Tolman, describes himself as the "money man" behind Mt Warning Ecovillage.   

Tyler Tolman invites all who resonate” with the dream of a healthy, happy alternate lifestyle on 3,500 acres of pristine paradise, to check out this “fantastic community” — Mt Warning Ecovillage. In his video appeal the Bali-based  health coach doesn't warn potential investors that since 2014, the "developers" of this prospective “community” have been running an ever-expanding land-share scam

Tyler Tolman  Spruiks Mount Warning Ecovillage Scam


Tyler Tolman knows that the kingpins behind the dystopic "Village Community", (who he does not name), have, since 2014, left a long trail of angry, disenfranchised investors, who have been deceived and defrauded in this scam. Despite warnings, Tyler continues to promote their false narrative.

The notorious “creator” of the Mt Warning Ecovillage Scam is Mark Darwin, with his colorful pseudonym “Dummass Boofhead”. He shows no empathy and never any remorse for the hurt and harm he has caused to those he has defrauded. In bullying emails he boasts that when it comes to playing dirty pool, he and the "Bully-Bully Boyz" are the best of the best: “All legal, of course, Bah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!”

Since :MARK DARWIN: has declared himself a “sovereign citizen”, he does not recognize the rule of law or the authority of Australia’s courts over his “Straw Man”. So, in Darwin’s sovereignty cult, dishonorable conduct that trustworthy people habitually avoid, such as deception, fraud, larceny, even perjury and subornation of perjury, are just well-refined tools of trade in a large quiver of tricks intended to advance private commercial interests.

With decades of experience in launching
failed projects using other people's money, Mark Darwin is a smooth, slick salesman with blue eyes spinning sweet honey lies, and long digits fingering the wallets of too many trusting people. Skilled in  arts of intimidation, Boofhead stalks and silences any who might expose or oppose him, as he underscores vicious ad hominem attacks with malicious acts of harassment by sycophant followers at his bidding.

Adrian Brennock with Tyler Tolman
Darwin is founder and marketing manager of the land-share scams at Mt Burrell, northern NSW, Australia. His diminutive partner, Adrian Brennock / Andrew Brennan, also maintains anonymity, flying under the radar as “Mr X” or “AB”, a "former plumber". Marketing assistant Kelly McSween and puppet directors of shell companies Steven McSween and “Richy-Rich”, Richard Moate, were set up to carry the can should the scam hit the fan.

Those who have recently discovered their trust was betrayed join the growing number of defrauded investors clamoring to recover money that disappeared on a one-way trip down the scamsters' greedy gullets.

In a rare appearance on camera, an ecstatic Adrain Brennock shows Tyler Tolman celebrating on property owned by Peter van Lieshout, the intended site of “Mt Warning Eco Village.

Tyler Tolman invites his followers: “If you want to be part of the community - the dream — come along. It’s worth it!”
Get in quick!

There is a big discount for all who bite the cherry and buy a share in the
utopian Ecovillage knowing there is no development approval by Tweed Shire Council for the advertised idyllic home-sites beside lagoons and waterfalls that are protected as water catchment for a proposed future dam to provide drinking water to the Gold Coast.

Tolman boasts that the projected Mt Warning Eco Village will cover 6,000 acres: “The size of a small country... that’s what’s required for things to work.”

No, Tyler Tolman! A land scam the size of a small country with a dash of celebrity and a dose of perjury can land the dishonorable in jail.
What’s required for the dream to work is not big land and lying lips, but integrity and authenticity.

Selling shares in a village without development approval is like building the proverbial house on sand. It will not succeed. Many defrauded investors in Darwin/Brennock's last fraudulent fiasco, the "Bhula Bhula Village Community" have painfully discovered this truth.

Heal thyself, Tyler Tolman: corrupt roots don't produce good fruits.