14 Aug 2017

Living A Nightmare

Failed Community Leaves Families Broke

Defrauded family - the Kirkwoods

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Open Letter to the Editor

To: Editor, Tweed Daily News
Re: "Living a Nightmare" - Request for correction
From: Gi Linda

Thank you for covering this story, I hope the warning will save many people from loss and harm, but, as one of the defrauded investors in the community featured in Alina Rylko's "Living a Nightmare", I'm disappointed with her report. Perhaps a "poor victim" tearjerker sells better than more complex truth, but "Living in a Nightmare" misses the real story!

I’m a former BBC reporter and independent documentary filmmaker working on social justice issues. Alina phoned me for a quote, saying she was past deadline with only moments to talk about criminal charges I am bringing against the kingpins running the scam and the mega-million-dollar defamation charges they have brought against me for exposing their fraud. As a professional journalist I'm sorry to say that your reporter either ignored what I said, or didn't listen.

I would like to request a correction, including the following facts:

The fraudulent "Bhula Bhula" venture was a set-up by Mark Darwin and Adrian Brennock to sell home sites on land protected for rainwater catchment, where no dwelling is permitted. Some investors knew no development approval would be granted, but were encouraged to take the risk, so they fought council for a year in court, and lost. Others, misled by Darwin's dreamweavers, were not told of environmental restrictions.

I was deceived by dishonest marketing. In 2015, Mark Darwin was inviting participation in a progressive community as an escape from a dysfunctional society on the brink of collapse. I have lived several years in successful self-sufficient communities that were built on Christian principles of love, truth and justice. I hoped this new community, founded by Darwin and Brennock under a banner of "Truthology", would uphold integrity. 

In 2015, on the basis of false assurances and mistaken trust, I invested $120,000 for a 3-acre site to build a garden, not a home, before realizing I had bought into a scam.

I soon saw that Darwin and Brennock had formed a tightly controlled Sovereignty Cult, attempting to establish a pirate community on land where no habitation is allowed, by hiding known environmental restrictions from investors.

Defrauded investors who woke up to the scam and requested restitution were threatened, harassed and defamed. We were rejected from the “community” without return of our money and driven off the land with gag orders. I refused to leave without return of my investment, so they smashed my garden, stole my mobile home and belongings, then charged me for "cleanup".

Adrian Brennock, the delinquent fiduciary, controls the company owning our land. As self-appointed director and sole shareholder with a single share value $1,  Brennock is currently attempting to crash the company, burn investors and buy back the land for the private commercial profit of the Darwin/Brennock Sovereignty Cult.

To achieve this phoenix move, on July 7th, Brennock took a $1m loan on the company he claimed was insolvent, to pay their front company, Mt Warning Eco Village Pty Ltd, to purchase the land for $1m over market value!

Together with other defrauded investors, I publish an online blog exposing this scam, and have brought criminal charges of fraud and larceny against Darwin & Co in a private prosecution pressing for restitution and retribution. I am also litigating against them in Sydney Supreme Court for defamation.

A warning! Darwin, Brennock & Phillip Dixon have now expanded their scam to "Mount Warning Eco Village" on a neighboring property, where they continue selling dream home-sites on environmentally protected land. It’s their brazen audacity that stands out; as they menace disenfranchised investors into silence, they continue selling fake dreams in a failed community on land where dwelling is forbidden. As more and more defrauded investors are spat out, new victims are needed, so buyer be warned, before your dreams disappear into the back-pocket of a slick stranger’s snakeskin pants...