19 Aug 2017

Blog Administration: Mount Warning Eco Village Scam

By  Free Radical

Two blogs, Mount Warning Eco Village Scam and The Truth About Truthology have been administered by Free Radical on behalf of the Group of Investors Defrauded by Darwin.

Mark Darwin & co have reacted to these blogs, bringing an urgent Notice of Motion listed at Sydney Supreme Court for Thursday August 24, seeking orders to force removal of these blogs, with prevention of publication of similar material.

On June 21, Darwin & co withdrew a similar previous urgent injunction, made to the Supreme Court on grounds that they are losing sales of shares in Mt Warning Eco Village as a result of potential victims apparently doing better due diligence after reading the blogs. 

The intimidating claim was withdrawn after two hearings before Justice MCallum in which their conflicting and perjured affidavits were examined. An amended claim against myself and the Nimbin GoodTimes is listed for a fourth hearing on September 14 at Sydney Supreme Court.

Since 2014, it has been the habitual pattern of Darwin & Co to isolate and menace those who attempt to hold them accountable or expose their scam. As a result of their abuse of legal process as a tool of intimidation, Free Radical has passed administration to the collective control of the "Group of Investors Defrauded by Darwin", together with a "Group of Concerned Neighbours," who are independent observers of the ongoing scam. 

Because, for more than two years, we have been deceived and defrauded, threatened, harassed and intimidated by Mark Darwin and cohorts, admin of this blog will remain anonymous, and will now be managed by several individuals represented collectively by the pseudonym "Ven.Cera." 

Vencerá: By Truth, Justice Prevails! 

"Vencerá", of Portuguese etymology, is the first and third-person infinitive and future subjunctive of the Portuguese verb "vencer", derived from vincĕre, the inspiring present active infinitive of the Latin vincō, meaning "to defeat the enemy, to overcome, to conquer, to win."

We invite you to contact us directly for more information about our experiences with "Bhula Bhula Village Community" and "Mount Warning Eco Village"; both ventures being "dream castles" built on sand by Mark Darwin and Adrian Brennock, who, without development approval, continue advertising opportunities for "ethical investment" in the purchase of shares... to acquire unapproved home sites on environmentally protected land where habitation is not permitted.

With deep appreciation and gratitude to everyone who has supported those of us who lost our life savings, our inheritances, our homes, hopes and dreams in this "village community" fiasco. 

We hope our warning, will help potential victims to be better informed of the land-share scam, and so avoid the hurt, harm and loss that we have suffered.

Free Radical

Contact us: ecovillage.expose@gmail.com