20 Aug 2017

New Promises at Mt Warning Eco Village

By Alina Rylko
Northern Star, 12th Aug 2017

A SHARED-living community has been launched adjacent to the collapsed Bhula Bhula Intentional Community on Kyogle Rd, at Mt Burrell.

Mt Warning Eco Village, which has a contract to purchase the adjacent Bhula Bhula site, is marketed on Facebook and via regular tours as an idyllic 3,500 acre property boasting sections of the Tweed River and Byrrill Creek, as well as dams.

Under its central slogan: "Make no mistake, these aren't your daddy's hippy communes", "Do no Harm' is the fundamental rule of the community."

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Comment by Gi Linda

"If you’re sick of the corporate rat-race, looking for a life-change and dreaming of happy families sharing, caring and growing veggies in harmonious community; if you are all cashed up and a bit credulous, then there are deep blue eyes spinning sweet honey lies with captivating cadence, eager to embrace your life savings in a notorious Mt Burrell property scam."

The Northern Star article "New Promises at Mt Warning Eco Village" is a good infomercial for the notorious Mt Burrell land-share scam.

We see that the "new promises" at Mt Warning Eco Village are the same misleading promises as the deceptive "old promises" offered to investors in the "collapsed Bhula Bhula Intentional Community"

Perhaps the Northern Star wanted to sidestep threats of litigation for potential loss of commercial opportunity caused by publication of two linked stories revealing some of the hurt and heartbreak caused by scamsters Mark Darwin and Adrian Brennock with their "collapsed Bhula Bhula Intentional Community on Kyogle Rd, at Mt Burrell," where "Do no Harm" was supposedly the fundamental rule of their intentionally fraudulent "community"?

The Northern Star fails to report the full picture, in which kingpins Mark Darwin, Adrian Brennock and Phillip Dixon now offer this "idyllic community" in a pirate project, for a second time proposing that a village be built without development approval on land where habitation is not allowed.  

The Norther Star announces: "A SHARED-living community has been launched adjacent to the collapsed Bhula Bhula Intentional Community on Kyogle Rd, at Mt Burrell." But the report omits to advise that there is no development approval for this new "shared-living community".   

Tweed Shire Council director of planning, Vince Connell confirms that no development application was ever submitted for the adjacent "collapsed Bhula Bhula Intentional Community", and no current development approval exists for building dream-homes in the newly launched Mt Warning Eco Village. 

According to Vince Connell, the proposed location of the ecovillage is primarily zoned RU2 Rural Landscape and partly zoned RU5 Village. Under Tweed Local Environmental Plan 2014, the proposed village "appears permissible", subject to filing of a DA application compliant with the provisions of State Environmental Planning Policy.  

However, there exists an August 2018 statutory cut-off for approval of "shared living" developments in the Mt Burrell region. This means the approval process is unlikely to be completed in time since the process of compliance for such a proposed "village" normally takes about two years from the time of application. Council confirms that although discussions of intent have taken place, no active DA exists and no DA application has yet been presented.

Council clarifies that "the site is also affected by the Mapped area for Drinking Water Catchment and the Existing and Future Water Storage Facilities under the LEP, which relates to a long term Council proposal to construct a new dam at nearby Byrill Creek."

The dreamweavers with "New Promises at Mt Warning Eco Village" are spinning the same alluring dreams that they used to entrap investors in the failed "Village Community" on the adjoining property, as they swiftly took more than $1.5 million out of our pockets.  

Two years later, after being driven off the land by Tweed Council, and all "dream homes" demolished, whatever happened to the purchase money creditors who provided the finance to buy the land at the "collapsed Bhula Bhula Intentional Community on Kyogle Rd, at Mt Burrell"? 

Well, we are still "dreaming" of recovering our lost investment in that same pristine paradise, remembering that we were also lured with "new promises" as we were sold empty land-share interests and inspired to build dream-homes with no development approval on protected land where no dwellings are permitted.

"Buyer Be Warned!   Mount Warning Eco Village is a fresh face and a different name for an old “bait-n-switch” toxic snake-oil game! 

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