28 Sep 2017

Facts About Mount Warning Eco Village Scam

By Gi Linda.

“Truthology” was the deceptive front used as a database by Mark Darwin and Adrian Brennock in 2014, when they first began calling for investors to buy land and form a “Village Community.”

Mark Darwin aka "Dumass Boofhead"
Darwin and Brennock acquired $1.5 million to purchase the land, plus loans and superannuation, and established Bhula Bhula Village Community”  at 3222 Kyogle Rd, Mt Burrell, NSW, Australia.  

But the “Village Community.” was governed by an improperly executed Trust that enabled Darwin and Brennock to betray the trust of the supposed "unit holders".  

Potential investors were misled by false representations and the silent omission of known restrictions on potential land use.  Investors who paid for the land were then disenfranchised with only a beneficial interest in an empty Trust.

Online Truthology” marketing material was removed after the land-share scam was exposed in local newspapers in 2016.

Tweed Daily News: "Living in a Nightmare"

Many assurances were given to potential investors that development approval was in process, yet Darwin and Brennock never applied for the required permits, knowing that the land was protected as water catchment for a proposed future drinking water dam.

More than 21 investors who had purchased the communal property at Mt Burrell, were forcibly driven off the land during 2016-17, without return of their funds. 

Despite much pretense, investors have received no restitution as Darwin and Brennock attempt to take private control of the land through a deceptive “phoenix move.”

Adrian Brennock - scamster
Adrian Brennock aka "Jimmy the Maggot"

Darwin and Brennock, after fleecing the purchasers of the 640 acre property, are again rattling the can, asking credulous investors to believe their "new promises" and give them money, as they aspire to purchase 3,000 acres and form another “Village Community” on adjoining property, together with landowner Peter van Lieshout.

Landowner Peter van Lieshout
"Mount Warning Eco Village is again marketed by Darwin and Brennock with assurances that dwelling is permitted, and cabins are offered for sale. Yet the intended "Eco Village", like the failed "Bhula Bhula Village Community", is located on environmentally protected land. Again, there is NO DA in place for multiple occupancy on the land, and no application for development of a "Village Community" has been submitted to Tweed Shire Council, although Darwin and Brennock are, as before, loudly stating their "intention to extend existing permissions".

Mt Warning Eco Village - baiting with "alternative lifestyle" lures
The continual soliciting by Darwin and Brennock, of "mezzanine finance," "loans, “advances," “ethical investments,” "superannuation funds"   and “pre-DA purchase of home-sites" on environmentally protected land without development approval has been ongoing since 2014. This is a SCAM that has already left investors with trust betrayed and shattered lives, defrauded of over $1.5 million.

Buyer Be Warned!