1 Dec 2017

Truthology / Freedom Summits News

By Gi Linda -
"Truth is irrelevant to Truthology; the important thing is that the false narrative of the moment should be believed long enough for a bank transfer to enrich the coin-hungry coffers of the resuscitated "Truthology" cabal." 

Launching "Nightcap on Minjungbal -- the World's Largest Holistic Village", "Nightcap Village News" sent the following announcement to a mailing list promoting "Truthology" and "Freedom Summits": "We've lost our way as humans, which is why we believe we need to recreate ‘The Village’". 

 Addressed by an anonymous author to a Truthology / Freedom Summits mailing list, Nightcap Village News  invites those disaffected with the dysfunctional establishment to join a community venture "to demonstrate a better way of living":

"Hi everyone
You’ve probably all been wondering what we’ve been up to? Well, a lot! ... we decided to look at some more positive and proactive ways to live a harmonious and satisfying life..."

Probably everyone is wondering who has been up to such a lot. Recipients of the newsletter who have followed Truthology and Freedom Summits since they emerged in 2013 know very well the identities of the notorious litigious "Freemen" whose Sovereignty Cult used Truthology in 2015 as a mendacious front to divest ingenuous investors of their life savings.

For those new to the land-share scam they are pushing, we'll adopt familiar nicknames used by those defrauded  by Truthology's terrible two: the deceptive marketing maestro "Romeo" with money-grubbing flat-earth promoter  "Jimmy the Maggot," assisted by the "Bully-Bully Boyz".

In 2016 the Truthology and Freedom Summit websites, Facebook pages and most Truthology YouTube videos were scrubbed after the Nimbin GoodTimes published "The Truth About Bhula Bhula" exposing the land-share scam that left 21 investors in "Bhula Bhula Village Community,"  including myself, defrauded of over $1.5 million.

Not to be deterred by local bad press, Romeo, Jimmy the Maggot and the Bully-Bully Boyz filed defamation charges against the publisher and against myself, author of the article, and changed their public front from Truthology, Freedom Summits and Bhula Bhula Village Community to "Rainmaker Eco Investments" which acquired Mt Burrell Commercial property by borrowing, filtching and leveraging off the investors who were defrauded in the first land-share scam.

Rainmaker Eco was then linked with "Mount Warning Eco Village", soliciting finance for a second attempted "community" on environmentally protected land, again without development approval in place and without lodging a DA application. 

Jimmy the Maggot also associated with a local pot grower holding an industrial hemp license and became director of the CIA, "Cannabis Industries Australia". This company, run by the BB Boyz, falsely claims to have a medical cannabis license while selling shares and soliciting finance in a non-existent "Nimbin University".

Mount Warning Eco Village land-share scam and Cannabis Industries Australia medical cannabis scam were exposed in blogs by the "Association of Investors Defrauded by Darwin". In retaliation, the Truthology gang charged me, as blog author, in NSW Supreme Court with injurious falsehood, also lodging two urgent injunctions attempting to gag free speech and have the blogs removed. After eight hearing with their false charges challenged by a defence of truth, both their injunctions failed; the blogs remain live and detailed accounts of events can be found in the archives.

After the land-share scam and Cannabis Industries Australia medical cannabis scam were exposed in blogs, Mount Warning Eco Village  was morphed by the "Truthology" gang into "Nightcap Village", and now into "Nightcap on Minjungbal -- the World's Largest Holistic Village".

Nightcap Village News of "the Community’s plans moving forward" continues:

For the past few years, we have been working very hard on establishing ‘Intentional-Conscious-Communities’ and have had to deal with many issues and detractors trying to stop this amazing vision from becoming a reality... but we have prevailed and are excited to introduce our first big development, which is nestled in the foothills of Mount Warning. It’s set upon more than 4,000 lush acres of incredibly gorgeous countryside..."

In reality, the "detractors trying to stop this amazing vision from becoming a reality" are actually defrauded investors in Truthology's first "Intentional-Conscious-Community" simply attempting on a tilted stage to achieve restitution.

"Ambassador" Tyler Tolman

"Many of you who attended our Freedom Summits in around 2014 will remember International Health Coach Tyler Tolman, son of Don Tolman. Well Tyler has taken a place within the community, and is helping promote it to his awesome tribe of health-conscious beings. This works really well for us at NightCap Village, as we want to foster and support a healthy, sustainable and ‘do-no-harm’ essence throughout the Community. Many of Tyler’s tribe has already joined us and we feel blessed to have his support."
How could such a healthy-happy venture soliciting money be dodgy when vouched for by a sincere, smiling minor celebrity?

Obviously it doesn't matter to Tyler Tolman that trusting investors have been defrauded along the way; the great vision for Intentional-Conscious-Communities is so important to the visionaries that a few casualties can silently be swept aside. Ambassador Tyler’s "inspirational introduction to the Community" is pink lipstick on piglets.

Potential investors are invited to take an exciting tour of the property where Truthology is advertising Nightcap Village, we are told:

"Becoming involved in this awesome project can look many different ways. You can live there, or build to rent out to other people, once all of the relevant approvals are in place... There are also more than 600 acres of maturing Blackbutt Forests which can be used to build your dream home/cabin..."

"Relevant approvals" are not in place, no development application has yet been lodged and the enthusiastic marketers do not even own the land. 
The Truthology website, removed after exposure of the land-share scam in 2016 has now been revived with an unidentified "specialist" offering advice on superannuation investment:

"I believe that Law helps to get an expert advice on your financial matters like practical and sound legal advice. As a law specialist, I always try to give excellent advice to my readers. I helped so many readers with their accounting related issues such as taxes and expert advice on maintain the budget, record and assist individuals from paying extra taxes. Through this website, I like to share my experience with all and always happy to answers any query."

Recognition of the hurt and harm caused by their earlier developments wouldn't look too good in the sales pitch, but, with defrauded investors filing both civil and criminal charges to achieve restitution, the unhealed wounds of previous failed "Intentional-Conscious-Communities" do not so conveniently go away.

Truth is irrelevant to Truthology; the important thing is that the false narrative of the moment should be believed long enough for a bank transfer to enrich the coin-hungry coffers of  the resuscitated "Truthology" cabal. So, as Romeo invites:

"If this excites you in any way… Be part of a tribe that wants to demonstrate a better way to live."

Blessing the Enemy

“Justice is turned away backward and righteousness stands far off, for truth has fallen in the streets and honor is repelled. Truth is lacking and one who departs from evil becomes its prey. The Lord saw, displeased that there was no justice, and was amazed that no-one would intercede. Then the Lord’s own arm brought triumph… Wrapped in zeal as a cloak, according to their deeds, so will He repay: Wrath to His adversaries and repayment to His enemies.” Isaiah 59