25 Jun 2018

Don Tolman Promotes Aussie Scam

By Gi Linda.

Don Tolman promotes "Nightcap Eco Village"
Don Tolman promotes "Nightcap Eco Village"
New promises, old lies --- Buyer Beware!

American celebrity, Don Toman, and Bali-based health coach Tyler Tolman, were warned that many investors lost life savings in the land-share scam at Mt Burrell that they promote. They don't care!

The venture was first promoted and marketed with false representations by Mark Darwin and Adrian Brennock through "Truthology" and "Freedom Summits" in 2014-15.  

The same venture, with several name changes but still controlled by Adrian Brennock and Mark Darwin, is currently under litigation in Qld Federal Court and NSW Supreme Court.

Don Tolman promotes "Nightcap Eco Village"
Scorning the victims of the land-share scam, Tyler Tolman joined Darwin, Brennock and Dixon in 2016, promoting the venture and naming his favorite spot "Tolman Ridge"

Since then, Tyler Tolman has ignored repeated warnings. He now refuses to communicate with defrauded investors, blocking contact on social media.

Tyler and Don Tolman plant a tree on "Tolman Ridge"
Tyler and Don Tolman plant a tree on "Tolman Ridge"
In 2018, visiting the proposed site of "Nightcap Eco Village" with his father, Tyler Tolman planted an avocado  tree to stake their claim in the prospective community development.  

Images of the ceremonial tree planting were included in a NightCap Village promotional video published on Tyler's YouTube page, where he invites viewers to quickly grab a neighbourly home-site on "Tolman Ridge" for an investment of only $250,000.
Marketeers of the prospective "Nightcap Eco Village" boast the attractive lure was successful! In three weeks they hooked 13 new sales of home-sites to eager fans of Tyler and Don Tolman, with more investors keen to stake a claim on "Tolman Ridge" next to the dream-homes of the esteemed American celebrities.


Three adjoining properties are intended to be included in "Nightcap Village," with a projected 300 dwellings and "shopping center"

During 2014-16, the idyllic "dream" on sale was an "Intentional Community" called "Bhula Bhula Community Village". New investors are not advised that ownership of the  640 acre property at 3222 Kyogle Road is contested by previous investors who claim to have been defrauded.

Tyler Tolman and Adrian Brennock Survey Nightcap Forest
Tyler Tolman and Adrian Brennock Survey Nightcap Forest
The communitarian vision, now called "Nightcap Village," was launched by Mark Darwin and Adrian Brennock in 2014, but in 2015 Adrian Brennock usurped legal title from those who had paid for the land.
After making marketing representations promising co-ownership of the land, investors' funds were used to purchase the property through a private company. As self-appointed director and sole shareholder with a $1 share in the company, Adrian Brennock then claimed personal ownership of the land.

Instead of being co-owners of the land, Brennock made investors "Unit Holders" in a fake "Trust", as owners of nothing. He falsely said that investment moneys were paid as a non-returnable "Application Fee" for supposed membership of the "Bhula Bhula Community Village".

During 2016-17 all investors were evicted from the land without restitution. Adrian Brennock then placed the company in External Administration with Vincents Chartered Accountants on July 4, 2017, in an attempted phoenix move to defeat liabilities.

A false narrative laced with calumny, spread by Mark Darwin's marketing assistant, Oliver Baker, wrongly advises potential investors that litigation ongoing since 2016 was decided in favor of the developers. Assurances that defrauded investors have had, or will soon have, their funds returned by Darwin and Brennock are false. 

Attempting to publicly distance himself from his dishonorable associates, Tyler Tolman never names the project controllers.
Tyler Tolman celebrates with Adrian Brennock
Tyler Tolman celebrates with Adrian Brennock

Extracts below from the affidavit of Vincents' Liquidator, Steven Staatz, show that NightCap Village is contracted with the company controlled by Adrian Brennock in a phoenix move to acquire the property paid for by investors in "Bhula Bhula Village Community".

Attempting to avoid the claims of defrauded investors, Adrian Brennock is now positioned to sell the land asset he dishonorably usurped to his collaborator Phillip Dixon, co-director of Nightcap Village Pty Ltd, with a contract of sale for $1 million over market value

Brennock proposes to provide "vendor finance" with a mortgage over the land and a circular loan to Phillip Dixon, repayable in five years.

Tyler and Don Tolman at  Nightcap Forest
Tyler and Don Tolman at  Nightcap Forest
An application, case QUD 32/2017, in Brisbane Federal Court by Vincent's liquidator Steven Staatz requests authority to sell the land to Nightcap Village. It is opposed by 28 investors who paid for the property and claim to have been defrauded.   

Parties to the cross claim and class action claim proprietary rights to the property. Seven other respondents believe they have an equitable interest in the land.

The cross claim names Adrian Brennock, Mark Darwin and Phillip Dixon as cross-respondents with Vincents' Liquidator, Steven Staatz. The Application of Joiner of Parties will be heard on July 11 at Qld Federal Court.

Meanwhile, neighbors report that the avocado tree planted by Tyler and Don Tolman has met a symbolic fate:

"The Avocado tree being ceremoniously planted at Tolman Ridge in the promotional video was planted in clay in the middle of a 4 wheel drive track and has been run over and destroyed." 

Don Tolman tours Nightcap Forest with Tyler Tolman
Don Tolman tours Nightcap Forest with Tyler Tolman

20 Jun 2018

NightCap Village - Land-Share Litigation

American Health Gurus, Tyler and Don Tolman, Sell an Aussie Land-Share Scam.

By Gi Linda.

Don Tolman Promotes NightCap Village

"NightCap Village" is a dream on sale; but unseen behind the scenes is a suppressed story of lies, deception, broken trust, shattered dreams and pilfered bank accounts. 

"NightCap Village" is a beautiful dream of a self-sustaining, idyllic land-share community located at Mt Burrell, NSW, Australia, initiated in 2014 and headed by Adrian Brennock and Mark Darwin with Phillip Dixon. 

Tyler Tolman joined in 2016 to promote the dream. Any assumption  he was not informed that the venture had left 28 angry investors bereft of life savings would be incorrect.

Peter van Lieshout
Land Owner Peter van Lieshout
"NightCap Village" was "Mount Warning Eco Village" in 2016-17, and before that the venture was called "Bhula Bhula Community Village" in 2014-16, until the dream shattered for investors who paid for the property that Don and Tyler Tolman now aspire to include, along with the adjoining property owned by Peter van Lieshout, in a communitarian venture described as the "biggest holistic village in the world".

 May 2018, Tyler Tolman released a new promotion video on YouTube, saying he renamed his favourite spot "Tolman Ridge," where he and Don Tolman hope to build their dream-homes with magnificent views of Sphinx Rock and Mt Warning.

Tyler Tolman and Adrian Brennock celebrate
Spruiking the opportunity to cosy-up and stake a claim next-door to Don and Tyler on Tolman Ridge for only $250,000, Tyler Tolman is currently holding webinars and public events in major Australian Cities, inviting investment in the venture with assurances that the project is green-lit by his celebrity father, Don Tolman.

Marketing videos featuring Don and Tyler Tolman show images of the disputed property currently under litigation, with the implication that the property is intended to be part of the proposed NightCap Village of "6000 acres".

Adrian Brennock, Tyler Tolman, Oliver Baker
Nightcap Village Promotional Videos
Potential new investors lured by the life-change dream are not informed that the controllers of NightCap Village are involved in defamation litigation in Sydney Supreme Court, where, in 2017, Brennock, Darwin and Dixon failed in two attempted injunctions to have blogs by defrauded investors removed by court order.

Litigation in this matter has been ongoing since 2016, with false reports of earlier action in the Local Court published by Oliver Baker and Phillip Dixon, who are now subject to a cross-claim for false and malicious defamation made in marketing newsletters on behalf of "NightCap Village" and "Rainmaker Group".

Promoting the communitarian dream currently called "NightCap Village," Oliver Baker and Tyler Tolman also
Phillip Dixon - Company Director
forget to mention the class action in Brisbane Federal Court, case QUD 32/2018, with charges including fraud and fiduciary misconduct against Adrian Brennock, Mark Darwin and Phillip Dixon.

The class action is brought in a cross-claim in response to attempted sale of the "Bhula Bhula Community Village" property by Steven Staatz, Vincents' liquidator. An attempted phoenix move is in process to sell the land back to the controllers of the venture and defeat liabilities. 
See: Mt Warning Eco Village - Dreamweavers of Deception.

Mark Darwin - "Village Community" Founder and Marketing Manager
Mark Darwin "Village Community" Developer

In marketing material, Tyler Tolman and Oliver Baker make multiple false and misleading representations about the proposed project, currently called "NightCap Village"

They especially omit to name the  "founders, directors, developers and controllers" of the venture: Adrian Brennock, Mark Darwin and Phillip Dixon, who operate "Unconventional Business" as co-directors and shareholders in Rainmaker Group Holdings Pty Ltd, and co-directors, former directors and shareholders with Peter van Lieshout in NightCap Village Pty Ltd.

The dominion of evil, when masked by an attractive face and cloaked in an alluring vision, captures the ingenuous in a snare that is difficult to escape without suffering great hurt and harm.

Deception must have a lure that appeals to higher virtue.  The other side of the Janus face is not seen until too late.