12 Jan 2019

Nightcap Village Scam Alert

A new blog, "Nightcap Village Scam Alert" posted at nightcapvillagescammers.blogspot.com is purportedly authored by "by current investors and former contractors of the project"

This blog at https://mountwarningecovillagescam.blogspot.com/ and the blog "Nightcap Village Nightmare at nightcapnightmare.blogspot.com.au, advise that these blogs are not associated with "Nightcap Village Scam Alert" nor do these blogs' management, who act for the "Association of Defrauded Investors," endorse the blog "Nightcap Village Scam Alert".

The "anonymous" author is notorious and well known: Mark Darwin, a major shareholder in the project. He acted as marketing manager making false representations until recently thrown under the bus by his former partners in "unconventional business".

Under the futile guise of anonymity, Darwin now attempts to expose his former cohorts.

Darwin is himself under legal scrutiny for his alleged role in the land-share scam, charged with defrauding investors of over $2 million during 2014-16.

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